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26 Berkeley Road
Pembroke HMKX

Civil Aviation

Channel House, Longfield Road, Southside
St. David’s DD03

Community & Cultural Affairs

Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building Street, 58 Court Street
Hamilton HM19

Conservation Services

Shorelands, 17 North Shore Road
Hamilton Parish FL03

Consumer Affairs

D. Rego Building, 3rd Floor, 75 Reid Street
Hamilton HM12

Corrections (Prisons) Headquarters

Upper Floor, Clocktower Mall, Naval Dockyard
Sandys MA01


Hamilton Hall, 40 Front Street
Hamilton HM11

Denmark - Honorary Consul - Bent Paulson

Crisson Building, 16 Queen Street
Hamilton HM11

Department of E-Commerce

P.O. Box 2280
Hamilton HMJX

Department of Human Resources

Ingham & Wilkinson Building, 3rd Floor, 129 Front Street
Hamilton HM12

Department of Public Prosecutions

43 Church Street
Hamilton HM12

Department of Workforce Development

23 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM12

Deputy Governor's Office

Government House, 11 Langton Hill
Pembroke HM13


14 Wallers Point Road
St. David’s DD03

Environmental Protection

Botanical Gardens - Main Office, 169 South Shore Road
Paget DV04

Financial Assistance

Global House, 43 Church Street
Hamilton HM12

Finland - Honorary Vice Consul - John E. Riihiluoma, Jr.

Canons Court, 22 Victoria Street
Hamilton HM12

Fire & Rescue Services

49 King Street
Hamilton HM12

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