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Accountant General

St. Andrews Place, 3 Floor, 51 Church Street
Hamilton HM12

Airport Operations, L. F. Wade International Airport

3 Cahow Way
St. George’s DD03


Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM12

Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs

4th Floor, Global House, 43 Church Street
Hamilton HM12

Attorney General's Chambers

4th Floor, Global House, 43 Chruch Street
Hamilton HM12

Auditor General, Office of The

Victoria Hall, 11 Victoria Street
Hamilton HM11

Austria - Honorary Consul - Katarina Hoskins

Victoria Place, 31 Victoria Street, 31 Victoria Street
Hamilton HM10

Belgium - Honorary Consul - Phillipe Dutranoit

4 Pokiok Road
Smith’s FL04

Bermuda Assessment & Referral Centre (BARC)

3rd Floor, Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, 58 Court Street
Hamilton HM12

Bermuda Careers Centre

Ingham & Wilkinson Building, 94 Reid Street
Hamilton HM12

Bermuda Economic Development Corporation

Sofia House, 1st Floor, 48 Church Street
Hamilton HM12

Bermuda Housing Corporation

IAS Park Building East, 44 Church Street
Hamilton HM12

Bermuda Land Development Company Limited


Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre - RCC Bermuda/Bermuda Radio

19 Fort George Hill
St. George’s GE02

Bermuda Monetary Authority

BMA House, 43 Victoria Street
Hamilton HM12

Bermuda Tourism Authority

Penthouse, Washington Mall, 22 Church Street
Hamilton HM11

Cabinet Office

Cabinet Building, 105 Front Street
Hamilton HM12


Botanical Garden, 183 South Road
Paget DV04

Canada - Honorary Consul - Heather Conyers

Canadian Consulate, 4th Floor, 73 Front Street
Hamilton HM12

Child & Family Services

61-63 Victoria Street
Hamilton HM12